Hi I’m Steven Leadbeater, a professional developer based in the North West of England

I love writing code, I’ve been doing it since I was 14. Completely self taught and still learning every day. I’ve done C#, Java, GoLang, Python and Rust on the back end. JavaScript from before JQuery became popular, JQuery when it was and more recently @Angular and React.

My favourite languages these days are React and Rust!

I still happily work in Java and Python though

I’ve been very fortunate to have gotten on to the wave of micro services early and have completed 4 sizeable projects with this modern approach. There are definitely trade offs but they can work very well.

I’ve loved working with docker and kubernetes, fully embracing a dev-ops mindset in all my work. Why spend half the time manually deploying something? You will have to do it more than twice!

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