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Terraform Provider developement – Root resource was present, but now absent

I was making some extensions to a terraform provider and adding in a new resource. I kept hitting the following error, which seems a little cryptic Part of the issues is highlighted by the plan output, terraform is expecting an “id” property to be generated by the resource. This is confirmed by an excellent write […]

Hosting your own ubuntu github action runner

Github actions are really cool, the workflow syntax is easy to grok and there are tonnes of pre-built actions out there you can used to build your code. The free tier is a little limited on the number of hours you get. If you’re stuck trying to debug a deployment or build issue that doesn’t […]

Kotlin code coverage in CI/CD

I ran in to a few problems with CI/CD for code coverage in kotlin recently. The toolchain I was using was kotlin kover gradle github actions Kover does have a JaCoCo output format which would have enabled using the JaCoCo-report action, however I kept hitting a stack trace when trying to use the JaCoCo output […]

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